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ABS Competition


Recorded and streamed live from the Spot Gym in Boulder Colorado. Enjoy lots of interviews and commentary during the ABS Competition. JVonD, Mike Brooks, and Jeffrey Broussard keep the content rolling.

Dojo Debut


Brett Merlin, Alex Puccio, Alex Johnson, Mike Brooks, and JVonD live at the Spot Gym.

What’s With Boulder TV?


JVonD welcomes Peter Stewart from CCTV54. Mike Brooks hangs out while they talk about the public access Boulder TV situation. Call ins and more.

Jim Erickson


Climbing legend Jim Erickson visits the studio along with Mike Brooks and Eric VonDungen. Listen as they talk about the days of first free ascents and view scenes from Jim’s 1976 video Free Climb. Other segments include Arapahoe Peaks and Mojambus.

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