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Jim Erickson


Climbing legend Jim Erickson visits the studio along with Mike Brooks and Eric VonDungen. Listen as they talk about the days of first free ascents and view scenes from Jim’s 1976 video Free Climb. Other segments include Arapahoe Peaks and Mojambus.

Eldo Lichen


JVonD hangs out with Adam Pause in Gilpin County. Watch as they chill out and introduce archives from the Russell Gulch Country Club and Disc Golf Sanctuary, Eldorado Canyon climbing, and the ACE climbing competition at The Spot Gym. 303-800-4BUD!

Ambient Streams


JVonD takes a ride to Flagstaff Mountain and hangs out with some cool local climbers. Also see footage from an interview with Fred Knapp and scenes from a Flatiron free-solo.

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