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ABS 2011


JVonD and the FRB team cover the ABS 2011 bouldering competition that visited Boulder. Watch the strongest climbers in the world climbing the hardest problems developed. Also check out interviews with the climbers including a handfull of Boulder locals.

ABS 10


Full coverage of the 10th Anniversary of the ABS bouldering competition hosted by the Spot Bouldering Gym and brought to you by USA Climbing. View scenes from the comp and many FRB interviews with climbers and spectators.

ABS Competition


Recorded and streamed live from the Spot Gym in Boulder Colorado. Enjoy lots of interviews and commentary during the ABS Competition. JVonD, Mike Brooks, and Jeffrey Broussard keep the content rolling.

ABS Nationals 2008


Check out scenes from the 2008 ABS Nationals bouldering competitions along with music from Storytyme.

ABS Regionals


See scenes from the ABS Regional climbing competition hosted by The Spot Bouldering Gym.

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